Let’s define direct home buyers and their benefits to the homeowners before I explain why Crew Property Solutions should be your preferred direct home buyer in Georgia. A direct home buyer does not list your home like a real estate agent; he or she actually signs an agreement and buys your home. All trustworthy direct home buyers help homeowners sell with ease and speed.

 With a direct buyer, the homeowner can sell and get paid for the house in weeks – sometimes days – instead of months, saving time and the cost of holding the house. By holding on to the house for an extra month or more, the owner pays extra mortgage payments, utility bills, yard & home maintenance costs, insurance payments, taxes, etc. 

Happy home sellers at the closing with their preferred direct Georgia home buyer, Tami Crewdson of Crew Property Solutions.


Additionally, direct buyers save the homeowner time, money, and energy by buying the house as is, which means no repairs, updates, clean outs or clean ups are required. Whew! It makes me tired just thinking of all that work, not to mention the unnecessary costs!

 Direct home buyers make selling your home almost hassle-free because they require no showings, no appraisals, no traditional loan approval, and no work on the home.

 Finally, direct home buyers charge no commissions, and must pay all the fees associated with the closing.

Crew Property Solutions checking out a property that had become a burden

Crew Property Solutions Should Be Your Preferred, Direct Home Buyer in Georgia Because We Operate Differently

Crew Property Solutions provides all the benefits of a direct homebuyer, but we do things a bit differently, and I think these differences provide extra value to our Georgia homeowners.

 First of all, we are local. We live in the area. Our founder, Tami Crewdson, splits her time between her Atlanta townhome and her lake cottage in middle Georgia. We will come personally to your home to visit with you, see the house, and have a neighbor to neighbor conversation about the options and best solutions for your personal situation.

 Being local means that we understand the local market, the community’s home values, and the character of our neighborhoods. We personally know people and resources in the area that can help us help you. Because we are your neighbors, we care about you and your neighborhood; we improve home values and street appeal. We will hire local workers to do any work on the house, instead of bringing in a crew from out of state. In a time when many direct buyers are from out of the area, conducting all the business online, we are neighbors helping our neighbors as we earn a living and build a successful business.

Crew Property Solutions Should Be Your Preferred, Direct Home Buyer in Georgia Because We Only Engage in Win-Win Deals

Secondly, we think Crew Property Solutions should be your preferred direct home buyer in Georgia because we only participate in deals that are beneficial to all parties.

While traditional home sales and many cash buyer sales use oppositional bargaining tactics, called distributive negotiation by sales professionals, we only engage in collaborative discussions, called integrative negotiation. The difference is that distributive negotiation uses haggling and results in an “I win; you lose” outcome, with each party on opposite sides trying to get the best deal for themselves, while integrative negotiation seeks to create common value or a win-win solution where both parties benefit.

With Crew Property Solutions, the homeowner is seen as a partner in finding the best solution. We truly listen and use our knowledge and experience to provide more than one creative and fair offer.

Crew Property Solutions Should Be Your Preferred, Direct Home Buyer in Georgia Because We Listen To You, and We Care About You Like the Neighbors We Are

At Crew Property Solutions, we are compassionate; we understand that houses can be a blessing or a burden. 

We have experienced tough times ourselves, and we have helped many homeowners, just like you, who are experiencing difficult financial or family situations or want to unload a burdensome house.

Whatever your situation, we have been there ourselves or have helped many others who have been there. We understand and genuinely want to help you.

 We are trained and certified Senior Transition Specialists, which means that we have specialized education and understanding in guiding seniors and their families through the journey to senior care, and into senior communities as well as the probate process and dealing with inherited properties.

Crew Property Solutions wants to be your real estate partner for every life transition. We are known for being friendly, compassionate, and knowledgeable – please check out our reviews online.

Crew Property Solutions Should Be Your Preferred, Direct Home Buyer in Georgia Because We Are Knowledgeable, Experienced, Trained, & Certified

Finally, we are trained, experienced,and certified direct home buyers. Crew Property Solutions has been in business since 2015. We are dedicated to continuing our real estate investing education and providing the best client service possible

We will provide you with a free, no obligation, fair offer that includes creative options to give you more choices and a better, custom solution. We’ll find a win-win deal for you and for us. 

We are your friendly, compassionate neighbors who are trained and experienced in real estate, and we want to help you. 

Reach out today and let us show you how Crew Property Solutions should be your preferred, direct home buyer in Georgia. 

Call us today for a free, no-obligation to offer – 404-567-3469.

Call the Crew Property Solutions at 404-567-3469 for a free, no obligation, fair offer.